“A random act of kindness can create an endless ripple; together we can all make change.”

Welcome to the home of Fast Eddy’s “There and Back” journey across Canada, an ultramarathon running event to raise money for Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer charities in each province. In addition to the sheer length of this undertaking, Eddy is also running alone and completely unsupported in order to show people how much the human body can withstand when one truly believes in the possibility of perseverance.

All money collected throughout the run will be donated directly to local foundations in order to ensure that communities are truly supporting their fellow citizens in facing the most difficult battle of their lives. 

In addition to running through all ten provinces, Eddy will be sponsoring community runs in major centers so that citizens can come interact with him and identify with the needs and causes of the run. Come out to watch, talk, learn, and donate in person! Be sure to check the website, Fast Eddy’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages in order to stay up to date on Eddy’s travels and events. ​